Carrier Mailer

Broadcast loads to the best carriers for your lane, via a simple point and click process.

Gather Bids

Receive instant online response from carriers bidding on your lane.

Live Status Updates

Stay current on all recent activity with live status updates of calls made, carriers emailed, & rates acquired.

Cities By Radius

A full breakdown of the cities nearest the selected lanes origin and destination.

Smart Carrier Database

Searchable database of over 1.5 million carriers. With equipment, hazmat, FC setup info & more!

Easily Import Lanes

Import lanes directly from PCS Express, and even Excel Spreadsheets.

Carrier Rating System

Make sure you are using the best carriers with the internal 5 star carrier rating system.

Carrier Breakdown Charts

Visualization of potential available carriers in your desired lane.

Instant RFP's

Export rates to an excel doc for send to customers.

Rate Matrix

Clear and accurate rate guide, showing Best, Average, and High rates for the selected lane.


Auto generated map showing lane miles, route optimization, and overall visualization of lane.

External Loadboard Sync

Full Integration with Internet Truckstop, DAT, and 123 Loadboard.

Progress Indicator

Visual progress meter, showing percent of lanes with rates vs lanes that still need rates.